About us…

The birth of the project

Wizwedge was born of a passion. The passion of one man, Jean-Luc Guer. A passion for sports and for the people who play them. He came from a modest background in the Paris suburbs, and when he was a teenager his dream was to become the next Johan Cruyff, the Dutch soccer magician, who was his model.

A defensive midfielder seen as one of the rising stars in the region, he was a big fan of Red Star FC, where he wanted to play. He wore Rivat shoes, developed by the French firm of the same name in Romans sur Isère. Was it a sign of things to come? A desire to stand out? Jean-Luc adored the elegance of full-grain leather shoes with translucent outer soles, but unfortunately he had to give up his professional career because of recurrent injuries.

He found a way to stay in contact with the sports community by becoming a podiatrist more than twenty years ago. He observed, provided cared and witnessed all the possibilities for progress within reach – progress toward better protecting the physical integrity of athletes and improving their performances.

After a quick analysis showing that certain sports shoes were obsolete, or even harmful, he worked tirelessly for years, like Geppetto in his workshop, to create and perfect a unique, revolutionary concept that has been scientifically recognized: Wizwedge. His Pinocchio doesn’t walk, but it helps others run!

Then, to bring this crazy idea to life, Jean-Luc put together a team of experts made up of researchers, doctors and high-level athletes. He filed many patents, including the Wedge Box, which now lets you customize your shoes for optimum running.

Wizwedge puts excellence to work to improve performances and innovation to serve sports and health.

Offrez-vous une expérience inédite, entrez dans l’univers Wizwedge !

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